Time to discover a new way of living in Brighton, Victoria

Developers Lucent Group have appointed Swell Constructions to start on their new project Slate House, to be sold through Projects by Buxton Real Estate.

Lucent Group is promoting their new project – Slate House, Brighton – despite strict COVID-19 conditions in Victoria, and started construction on its latest residential development through the appointment of Swell Constructions.

This is no ordinary project, however, as Panos Miltiadou, Managing Director of Lucent Group outlines the passion and ethics behind it.

“The Lucent principles are based on building fossil-free and energy efficient places to live,” said Mr Miltiadou to WILLIAMS MEDIA.

“Slate House is one of the most sustainable residential developments in Victoria.

“It’s minimum NatHERS average rating is 8.2 out of a maximum of 10.

“The highest in Brighton at the moment is around the 6 mark.”

Mr Miltiadou said apartments are quite expensive to run.

“With Slate House we are targeting the down-sizer and we wanted to bring sustainability into the project and running costs down,” said Mr Miltiadou.

“Our view is the buyer is going to have a beautiful space, quiet and comfortable but without contributing to greenhouse gases.

“We have proved a point that high end living can be achieved in a sustainable way.”

Slate House is unique in many other ways as well, using materials not common in the Brighton area.

Designed with a pitched roof, Spanish slate and terracotta cladding, Mr Miltiadou said Lucent knew it was a risk but they did it willingly.

“We worked with the architects, Austin Maynard, to achieve a building that  doesn’t overshadow the heritage buildings but making it homely and complimenting the surroundings.

“Buyers will appreciate the external and internal luxury.”

Heath Thompson of Projects by Buxton Real Estate, said Lucent had started construction, as pandemic restrictions have eased.

“Lucent have decided back themselves and their project during the pandemic and proceed to construction prior to achieving pre-sales to give their buyers the confidence that their new home will be constructed inline with the expected program and not be delayed by market forces,” said Mr Thompson.

“Lucent have a commitment to sustainable design and development and are providing Brighton with it’s first fossil fuel free building and an incredibly individual architectural design via Austin Maynard Architects, that truly sets Slate House apart from the other projects in Brighton that follow a common aesthetic.”