The past and present
come together

Supply Co Richmond

The past and present come together to give Supply Co. a unique modern style while still embracing the legacy of the site. Richmond is known for loft-style apartment living in reclaimed industrial architecture. Supply Co. takes the best of this tradition and creates a new vision for urban living, at peace with the past, at home in the present and ready to embrace the future.

Broad strokes in concrete and glass are counterpointed by metallic highlights that catch the light and illuminate the outlines of the many layered balconies. From the street level, an ultra-modern urban structure rises from the old façade, paying homage to the Builder’s Steel Form  Supply Co. which once occupied the site and inspired the form of the new building. Nestled behind the heritage façade is an on-site café where residents can grab a coffee en route to work or find a quiet corner to have breakfast on a Sunday morning.

The building’s silhouette is broken by layered staging of one floor upon another, with carefully considered offsets to enhance and bring energy to the design. Tiered balconies and terraces are thoughtfully recessed to provide privacy for residents while also balancing natural light, creating cool shady spaces throughout the summer, and warm sunbathed interiors in the winter.

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9 – 15 David Street, Richmond VIC

Agents On This Development

Heath Thompson

Director, Projects by Buxton Real Estate