NDIS Fund Secures $34m in New Apartments and Needs More

Director of Projects by Buxton Real Estate, Heath Thompson has been working with a Specialist Fund to secure apartments in specific developments redesigned and fitted out for NDIS clients living with disabilities.

Heath Thompson has spent decades working in the family property business, gaining a high degree of experience across all aspects of acquiring, developing and marketing property. 

Today, Mr Thompson brings his vast range of knowledge and experience to help secure and develop bespoke apartments for those living with a range disabilities.

The Fund has to date purchased 57 apartments to be developed, 40 to 50 apartments still needed to fulfil the demand.

“At this stage, my client is going through an assertive acquisition phase,” said Mr Thompson.

“The requirements are quite specific, so there is a lot of research and due diligence that goes with this project.

“But it’s incredibly motivating and rewarding. The ultimate aim of this project could not be more worthwhile. It is to help those living with a disability to live as full a life as possible and to get back into the wider community.

“This is especially important for younger people whose only option to date, may have been to live in a nursing home, which of course is far from ideal,” said Mr Thompson.

At a Glance

  • Projects by Buxton Real Estate is looking for 40 to 50 apartments
  • A cap of 11 apartments to be purchased per development 
  • The location must offer access to public transport
  • Close vicinity to covered shopping centres is required
  • Ideal areas include outer suburbs of Melbourne, Gold Coast, Brisbane, Northern Territory and Hobart.

Projects by Buxton Real Estate is currently sourcing projects where apartments are either in the early phases of construction or about to start works. 

“Any apartments purchased for this project would need to be drawn up by our client’s  specialised architect to make the properties suitable for those with for Specialist Disability Accommodation,” said Mr Thompson.

“Some of the special requirements for these apartments include designing bespoke kitchens, creating a compliant path of travel through the space and allowing for wider doorways.

“The aim of this project is to enable any potential residents to fully integrate into their community and to live with as much independence as possible. If Projects by Buxton can contribute to this goal, we feel very motivated by that.”