Market Insights – August 2021

Project news – Southend Brighton 3186

We’re excited to announce that Cobild has been appointed to our latest state-of-the-art project, Southend Brighton 3186. With an eye for detail and reputation for delivering the highest quality, big-picture residences, we’re looking forward to seeing this boutique project of 22 residences come to life.

A striking and effortlessly stylish lifestyle on the Bayside will be made possible in a series of one and two bedroom apartments in the enviable location outside Hampton street’s buzzing retail and dining hub. Click here to find out more or register your interest.

Project news – MCKN McKinnon

In keeping with luxurious homes within Buxton’s extensive portfolio, the penthouse level of our MCKN McKinnon project has officially sold out! A flawless blend of function and aesthetic, the over-sized penthouses boast vast entertainment spaces and open-aired freedom. Both penthouses and apartments enjoy premium fixtures and finishes including natural stone surfaces and platinum-toned fixtures. Nestled between Bentleigh, Brighton and Ormond, McKinnon offers unparalleled security, amenity and community engagement. Lower level apartments are still available but selling fast, please click here to make an enquiry today.

Industry news

We finished off the 2021 Financial Year strong as we witnessed a rush of sales as a result of the temporary 50 per cent Stamp Duty savings for buyers of newly built homes valued at up to $1 million.

As we move into August, there are still substantial benefits to buying off-the-plan residences, including:

1. Stamp Duty Concessions

Buyers can still take advantage of stamp duty savings for new off-the-plan purchasers worth up to $1 million. This applies to all contracts entered from 1 July 2021 to 30 June 2023.

2. Have more input into the property’s design

With a trend that is seeing more developers showing their agility, buyers will benefit from cooperative, flexible building models that steer away from cookie cutter residential plans and move towards creating homes that are highly bespoke and uniquely ‘yours’.

3. Lock in prices

Another perk of buying off-the-plan means you can secure today’s market rate and potentially enjoy capital growth on your new home as you wait for settlement. What’s more, there is even the potential for an increase in the value of your existing home whilst waiting for your new home to be completed.

If you’d like to know more about the current market, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at any time.