Innovation during adversity at Projects by Buxton Real Estate

A year ago, nobody could have predicted the changing times we currently face in the property market.

For many people, sadly, the changes as a result of this global pandemic have meant job losses and worries about financial security. For others, though, it seems to still be business as usual – albeit in a rapidly evolving world.

At Projects by Buxton Real Estate, Director Heath Thompson says he and his team are determined to use this time as a chance to learn and grow. ‘Business is going to change – there’s no doubt about that,’ he says. ‘Now is a positive time to innovate and motivate and we are looking at ways to deliver what our clients need, in a way that suits our current circumstances.’

Heath doesn’t mind admitting that, in a property sector that has relied on traditional, ‘old-school’ sales techniques, there is definitely room for cutting-edge improvements to make communications effective and efficient – changes designed to create communication solutions in this age of social distancing and lock-down but also continue to offer alternatives when life returns to its new normal.

‘We are looking at new ways to communicate with people and stand out from the pack,’ says Heath. ‘Being part of the Buxton network means we have some positive assets available to us – and that means our ability to utilise smart technology to inform our clients of property news and how they can still stay active in the market.

With the knowledge pool of 25 offices, 200 sales staff and collective databases with more than 600,000 contacts, we’re committed to finding new ways for people to find the answers to any questions they have.’ Heath knows that the current health crisis will force the hands of developers to pull back on projects but with powerful tools to connect clients with currently ongoing development projects in the virtual world, he also says there are still lots of opportunities.

By ramping up the production of video content to help people see the projects from the comfort of their own home, Heath says new ways of doing business keeps people safe and healthy, while still supporting much-needed economic growth.

The strategic approach to boost the level of video marketing Projects by Buxton Real Estate clients can engage with is about enabling buyers and potential buyers to form a real connection with quality information.

‘The new model of real estate sales communications won’t be about making you jump through hoops. We have information to give you and we want to share it,’ says Heath. ‘From viewing digital floorplans to having a Zoom meeting to discuss plans with all the relevant parties – it’s been a definite challenge to transition through but we believe this type of innovation will help a lot of industries perform better, in ways that are streamlined, sustainable and, importantly, very user-friendly.’