ALIA McKinnon

With a very clear mantra to make ALIA McKinnon “the best project McKinnon had ever seen”, Heath Thompson, Director of Projects by Buxton, says the vision has been positively accepted by everyone who walks into their display suite. “The project features great finishes, beautifully-resolved floorplans and different apartment styles for a broad range of potential buyers,” says Heath. The approach supports the his view to successful property development – that “you don’t always have to market to the upper echelon of the property market”.

In the case of ALIA, McKinnon – a boutique collection of two-bedroom and three-bedroom apartments, as well as an impressive whole-floor penthouse offering – Heath says the unwavering attention to detail at every level is a key reason the stunning development has already enjoyed impressive sales results. “There are lots of good projects and not-so-good projects but very few great projects,” Thompson says.

Creating Great Sales Results Starts Long Before Marketing Campaigns Launch

Without officially even going to market, the sales results reinforced how thorough research and a genuine understanding of what buyers want and will pay for leads to solid marketing outcomes. The recent merger between Beller Project Marketing and Buxton has enhanced Projects by Buxtons reputation as a sales specialist by adding the strength of a vast database of qualified buyers.

In an evolving real estate market, with so many property development projects on offer, the foundation of a quality database of contacts is critical to sustainable brand success. “Beller has always been known for delivering the right property development advice to our clients,” Heath says. “Having the addition of a bigger and more comprehensive database means we can deliver even better results for our development clients.”

Solidarity, Feasibility and Agility Matter

It’s a reminder that solidarity at every step of the property development process improves your chances for sales success. Doing things differently, in the competitive world of property development, requires a proven commitment to quality, customer service, supported by knowledge that needs to combine with agile, innovative strategy to ensure projects can deliver sustainable returns to the investors and stakeholders involved. By investing in strategic market research, projects can be designed properly from the very start – long before construction begins. ALIA McKinnon is testament to the concept that, even in a difficult real estate market, taking a professional approach to market research and feasibility, as well as having the willingness to adapt and evolve to meet market demands, is pivotal to building a solid reputation as a property developer who achieves positive outcomes – turning projects from plans to reality to deliver great results. You find out more about ALIA McKinnon at