A spotlight on campaign creative with Heath Thompson and Darcy O’Sullivan

The journey towards creating an effective and dynamic creative campaign requires a lot of steps. At the heart of it all, is a team that communicates clearly to understand the essence of the project – and how to promote those benefits to a broader audience of potential buyers and investors.

When Projects by Buxton Real Estate begin work on a project, the team’s first priority is ensuring alignment between everyone involved, which is built on a solid foundation of communication between every member of the team including architects, interior designers, the developer and creative agency.

According to Director at Projects by Buxton Real Estate, Heath Thompson, getting everyone with ‘any input in the project at all’ together in one place – whether in an office, or via a Zoom meeting, in the current climate of social distancing – to ensure that there is a thorough understanding of all the moving parts, from everyone’s unique perspective.

‘That means getting the architect, the interior designer, the digital renderers, the builder, and, of course, the creative agency on the same page’ says Heath. The recent success of the Mast development in Brighton is, Heath says, testament to the way early planning process makes a positive difference.

‘The very first meeting happened straight after the planning permit was received and our team sat down with the architect, the creative design team, the developer and everyone else involved, and talked about every aspect of the process – and our vision for the project– in a way that helped every single member of that diverse team appreciate the importance of their individual roles and how everyone’s ideas could come together in a way that attracted buyers,’ Heath says. ‘When you get a creative team who really understands the intent of the project, the result is a powerful campaign that delivers real results.’

At Dugan & O’Sullivan, Managing Partner, Darcy O’Sullivan agrees. ‘The core challenge in the off-the-plan sales arena is a complex one,’ he says. ‘You are tasked with the job of creating interest in a product that doesn’t yet physically exist, so before you can help sell a property dream to a buyer, you have to first understand what that dream is – and the emotional impact of being able to make it come true.’

Creating trust, Darcy says, is critical, and for today’s increasingly discerning buyers, that means delivering much more than just a floor plan and a promise. Savvy developers have responded to the shift towards full-scale, project marketing campaigns that are branded uniquely to suit the relevant buying audience and the level of research undertaken by the Dugan & O’Sullivan team, Darcy says, plays a pivotal role.

‘Authenticity is at the core of every genuinely successful campaign,’ he says. ‘By approaching each creative campaign through a strategic lens, we help buyers connect desire with decision-making – for real sales results.’

In today’s changing world, both Heath and Darcy know the delivery of creative campaign strategies will continue to evolve but, at its heart, the process will remain the same. ‘The way creative campaigns interact with potential buyers will be different but the need to inspire people and generate a feeling of connection and belonging will never change’ says Darcy.