100 apartments needed for NDIS clients

Heath Thompson of Projects by Buxton explains how his client is looking to buy apartments for a good cause.

Apartment projects along the east coast of Australia and in the Northern Territory are being sourced for a very worthy cause.

Heath Thompson, director of Projects by Buxton is a real estate company that specialises in finding projects for specific clients.

“We currently have a client who wants to purchase 100 apartments over the next six months for NDIS clients with disabilities,” said Mr Thompson.

Project requirements:

  • Looking for projects of 50 or more apartments
  • Good access to public transport
  • Close vicinity to covered shopping centres
  • Areas include Melbourne, Sydney, Wollongong, Gold Coast, Brisbane, Northern Territory and Hobart.

“We are looking along the Australian east coast and in the Northern Territory, as we have secured a number of projects in Melbourne already.”

Mr Thompson said the process includes sourcing projects where apartments are either in the early phases of construction or about to start works.

David St, Richmond is a project by Projects by Buxton’s client. Photo: Projects by Buxton

The company will source up to 11 apartments per project, then requirements will be drawn up by a specialised architect to make the properties suitable for those with disabilities.

“There is a lot of work to be done to meet the necessary requirements,” Mr Thompson said.

“We will look at the floor plans, usually up to ten 2-br apartments and one 1-br apartment for a carer, then they will be redesigned by the SDA architect.

“Requirements include bespoke kitchens, compliant path of travel and wider doorways.”

Mr Thompson said being involved in this project has been very rewarding.

“The feel good part of doing this is it’s great to get young people out of nursing homes,” said Mr Thompson.

“If a young person has been in an accident, we can get them back in to the community.

“With complete intregration we are providing the opportunity for a life that is as independent as possible.”

Mr Thompson said with the right requirements built into the apartments NDIS clients will live in, this will help them to be able to live full lives, doing most things for themselves.

The Projects by Buxton’s team has a background providing a powerful combination of more than 40 years in project marketing and real estate sales mixed with building, construction and property development experience.