Buxton and Beller Merger

A merger, in the business world, is the combination of two separate companies that come together to join forces – typically with a view to expand their reach. That sentiment certainly rings true in the case of the professional merger between Victorian real estate agencies Buxton and Beller, who have announced a partnership under the Buxton brand that will be in effect from July 1. Under this newly established merger, Beller Project Marketing will become Projects by Buxton.

Brand-building Evolution

For Beller Director, Heath Thompson, the benefits of the Projects by Buxton merger are, he says, “two-fold”. “We get to give our clients the access to a huge network we did not have previously but the strength of our business – which has always been great advice and comprehensive development knowledge – is enhanced even more,” Heath says. “The addition of an even greater local network adds a deeper level of safety and security and potential to expand – something that can benefit everyone we deal with.” The fundamentals of the way both Beller and Buxton have done business separately, Thompson says, won’t change.

“We’ve always prided ourselves on offering strategic advice to our clients – and now that will be supported by the strength of a vast network of potential buyers,” he adds. A good example of the way the Projects by Buxton merger will have positive outcomes for clients is evident in a recent project, ALIA McKinnon, which you can read more about here.

Broader Networks Mean Better Business

With a boost in numbers of potential investors and buyers and significant sales already, Heath says that results speak for themselves – even before the project has officially gone to market. “With our broad development advice and access to broader sales networks, for our companies, the merger means an obvious boost to success – and that means good things for our clients,” says Heath. It’s a reminder that sustainable brand growth requires fresh thinking – and taking the occasional strategic risk to deliver measurable results that ensure a brand is seen as responsive and relevant in an ever-changing market. For Buxton and Beller, the union seems sure to open doors to new possibilities and even greater potential for both developers, buyers and the team of people needed to put smart property development in the hands of a new generation of discerning buyers.